I am but a space engineer that took over the captain. I guess that makes me a pirate.
Interested into making UI design.

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Balthazarn's News

Posted by Balthazarn - December 12th, 2018

So basically, it's been almost a week visiting every day.


  • Gets pretty quick getting used to the overall interface after all.
    Though it does look a bit old fashioned at first glance.
  • Content is eclectic, pretty much the only website adapted to sound, games, movies and art at the same time. Though thumbnails ARE a bit small for art submissions.
  • Everything seems "at reach" and family-like, with a "safe" vibe.


  • Damn those addicting games and game-like interface, fuuuuuuuuuh
  • I feel like I still misunderstand half of features : "miscellaneous project" for exemple, how am I supposed to work in one? What's it supposed to be? Despite searching, haven't understood what's the civilian/security thing on profiles. Well, I'll end up figuring all of this out, after all DeviantART isn't any simpler.

So far, I really, really love the site.
Too bad for image resolution/display, but it's good for movies. Maybe I can play bouncing between DeviantART and here, it's a matter of organisation.


Posted by Balthazarn - December 12th, 2018

Yes, this sheet is voluntarily empty to get linked from the other sheet.

Posted by Balthazarn - December 12th, 2018

Title commish

Alright, lets keep it simple :

  • This is an overall price range.
  • If you need a background, depending on the details it's charged more or less like a character.
  • I don't charge it if it's pastel, gradient color or a mere shadow.

Commission price grid sample

  • Shoulder length : from 10€ to 40€
  • Bust : from 20€ to 60€
  • Full body : from 30€ to 80€

Why is the price range so large? Because it depends on the level of details, the technique you want (from cheaper to most expensive : sketch, lineart, cell-shadding, full-color, painting).

If in doubt, don't hesitate to ask, I don't bite (too hard).

Conditions title

  • Drawing starts AFTER payment.
  • You will have to validate the sketch, and I may send you WIPS. A validated sketch means you’re OK for inking, color, ror whatever you’ve chosen.
  • Minor corrections are okay on completion if something is really off. However, there won’t be infinite corrections either, I’m making a maximum of 3 finalisations if something really disturbs you. 

Exemples title

For now you can mainly see cell-shading and painting in my Newgrounds gallery, and a sample of my overall graphic style!

Posted by Balthazarn - December 5th, 2018

Amusing, this account dates from 2010, when I was hired to make Flash games. I don't do Flash games anymore as I'd need game designer skills and development skills. However this website seems promising overall and I've actually known it since I started going on the net. Funny, how things turn out....  I'm about to kick my TumblR and my Facebook, and to rely mainly on... DeviantART, which I've had in forever, and Newsground. 

We'll see. I won't be active for now, because "life", but I'll still try to fill up this gallery over here.