I am but a space engineer that took over the captain. I guess that makes me a pirate.
Interested into making UI design.

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Posted by Balthazarn - December 5th, 2018

Amusing, this account dates from 2010, when I was hired to make Flash games. I don't do Flash games anymore as I'd need game designer skills and development skills. However this website seems promising overall and I've actually known it since I started going on the net. Funny, how things turn out....  I'm about to kick my TumblR and my Facebook, and to rely mainly on... DeviantART, which I've had in forever, and Newsground. 

We'll see. I won't be active for now, because "life", but I'll still try to fill up this gallery over here. 



Newsground? Typo there I hope. ;) Welcome back though! Cool to see old veterans joining up here too.

Course, life takes some time some times.

Oh damn. Yes, I always make the same typo about new grounds (I'll remove that bad habit huhuh). Yeah, life has been pretty much chaotic for some time on my side, it is right now as well but in a good way. Can't wait for some quieter times so I can art again.

Say, since I've got you here, what's "scouting" ? I got odd notes in my notifications but when clicking on them again it made en error message, I'm confused x)

Making that typo while actually typing in the site URL might have fatal consequences you know, phishing sites and such. ;) I actually ran into one of those once, noticed a bit late...

Yeah I keep waiting for quieter times too. XD They never seem to come! Trying to simply get better at using my time... about the scouting thing, there's a good guide here: https://ornery.newgrounds.com/news/post/388624

...the errors you're getting, could it be because you've accepted one invite and you have a few others you're trying to accept now too? Seems you are scouted so...

Haha, yes, happened to me with other sites and ended up in weird places... however so far, haven't had any phishing issues. The worst I encoutnered was forgetting to untick a box when installing a software, and these little guys had included malware in the process (the kind that makes you open a wrong search page on navigator launch and spam your computer screen with porn ads... it was tasteful to say the least).

Thanks, I had no idea what was the scouting system, I searched a bit and... yeah, I suppose it's to prevent from spamming the portal pages with craps /o/

For sure. :) Phishing sites really are pretty scary man! When you end up at sites that are clearly not the site you were intending to visit it's easy to realize your error, but if everything looks exactly the same as on the real site, login form at all, and even redirects you to the actual real site (preferably to the login screen there, with a 'you entered the wrong password' error - usually there's a URL for those things too) after you've entered your login credentials into... you don't even realize it. I usually feel a bit more like a pro than most people I know with this stuff, but sometimes... can't even trust the URL with vulnerabilities that make it possible for sites to mimic a name via browser-specific characters and such too. But the newest probably all have protection for that at this point.

Oh man. XD Hope you didn't open that browser at the most inopportune moment... yeah, I can relate too. Seems that stuff was a lot more common back in the day. Or maybe I just go by more trustworthy sources these days...

Pretty much yeah. :)

Yes, I work in a university and our tech guys keep on warning people about phishing websites, because despite the weird web URL there are still successful phishing scams around and that can compromise the system x)

And...luckily no, it was my home computer that I had "malwared" accidentally xD no big deal, it was delicate to remove and I had to use Rogue Killer, remove some keys, configure the navigator....gah!

Indeed. :) Just simple letter replacements work wonders too, like: Balthazam. Spot the difference?

Well something good with the bad at least. XD Imagine that happening in the middle of a lecture or something, if that's the kind of work you do... protip if you ever get any kind of virus btw: just pull the plug right away and reboot in safe-mode. The faster you are the easier it is to get rid of. Most important thing to get rid of after that are startup items and scheduled tasks. If you can just stop it from running it doesn't matter as much if there's still some files hidden away somewhere. A program like CCleaner is perfect for that. Trying to get rid of something while it's running is just impossible, and if you reboot normally and it starts again: same thing all over...