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Pretty addicting... just needs a nice designer to make a bit of graphisms over it ;)

This one is one of the most efficient concepts of your late submissions

Yeah not easy but easy to get the hang out of it, nice choice of colors and also sound effects, very console like.

Nice old school/commodore vibe. It's a bit frustrating that she doesn't move fast but then again, it's....very alike old games so heh xD

DanDardy responds:

We tried to solve that frustration through the golden apples speed boost, but anyhow - we appreciate your support and comment! Thanks a lot, and to you as well, have a good christmas time!

I like the idea. You probably should have posted under "movie" section since it's not a game but a story though!

cajadeOjos responds:

the idea is to have an interactive comic that you establish the pace of the story through the use of buttons that let you advance and rewind to different points of the comic

The game behaves reeeaally oddly when an item is supposed to drop off a brick and I didn't quite understand why I died at some point Oo

rojekabc responds:

Thanks for your opinion. I'd work on running it on other browsers better. Maybe I'll remove this effect, when generate bonus

Addictive... another evil Game Desiger at work here, I see.

Just remembered this game. Still as great.

This would have a lot of potential if it were faster and with more visual feedback/refined graphisms...

Excellent, I'm a big fan of tetris games and this one is both new in gameplay and addictive. However, I've had an issue with saves...I wonder if Newgrounds keeps a save on accounts or if I'll have to start over everytime I try to play because that's what happened lately :/

BryceSummer responds:

Hey thanks! Unfortunately newgrounds seems to lose everyone's saves when I upload a new update(to fix bugs and whatnot). The last update I did I added a feature (accessible from the button on the top left area of the world map) to let you manually backup your own save data.

I am but a space engineer that took over the captain. I guess that makes me a pirate.
Interested into making UI design.

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